Have you wanted to write a book - but just keep putting it off? I launched my first Best Selling Book in August 2016. I am now inviting others who want to publish their first book to join in on my next project!

The book, "Turning Lemons Into Lemonade" is going to be a compilation book written by six and seven figure SUPER SUCCESSFUL women entrepreneurs. It is meant to be a motivational journey for those women entrepreneurs who feel "stuck" or like all the people around them are successful - while they are struggling!

This book is meant to show how the women who appear to always "have it all together" have taken extreme challenges and turned them into new products, services, companies, goals, or aspirations for the next phase of their business.

We want to feature successful six and seven figure online entrepreneurs who will share how they turned their biggest struggles into their biggest successes.

We are asking each entrepreneur to contribute to the cost of the publishing of the book. We will not be making money from the publishing of the book (other than each entrepreneur selling the book themselves for the mark up). However, the publishing of the book will incur expenses for things such as compilation, set up, copy editing, formatting, publishing, printing, listing with Amazon, etc.) As such, we are asking that each contributor contributes $250 for the project.

We will also be hosting a photo shoot for the book cover as we near completion of the book. We will be inviting all contributors to participate. There may be a possibility to stage some additional photo shoots/video shoots together at that time for all participants! Stay tuned!!!

If you are interested in potentially contributing to the book - please fill out an application and we'll get back to you with additional details!!